Dr. Altun Mahmud Saleh

Curriculum Vitae
Name: Altun Mahmud Saleh
Sex: Female
Nationality: Iraqi – Kurd
Date of Birth: 7th Jan. 1978
Address: Erbil, Havalan
Languages: Kurdish, Persian, English, Arabic
Cell phone: +9647504734015
Email: & (iq)

1999-2005: Bachelor in Medicine (M.B.Ch.B), College of Medicine/ HMU
2008-2012: Fellowship of Iraqi Board for Medical Specialty (F.I.B.M.S.) (Internal Medicine)
2013-2016: Fellowship of Kurdistan Board for Medical Specialty (F.K.B.M.S.) (Gastroeneterology & Hepatology)
2016-2017: Fellowship of Endoscopic UltraSound (EUS), Iran/ Tehran/ Shariati hospital/ Digestive Disease Research Institute (2017)
Member of American Society of Gatrointestinal Endoscopy (M. A.S.G.E.)
Member of American College of Gastroenterology (M.A.C.G.)

Current work:
Lecturer at college of Medicine/ HMU
She works as gastroenterologist & hepatologist in Rezgari Teaching Hospital (public hospital) & PAR Hospital (private hospital).
She is interested in both clinical & interventional gastroenterology & hepatology; doing different endoscopic procedure (diagnostic & therapeutic) including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography) & EUS (Endoscopic UltraSound).
She is interested in doing research in different aspects of gastroenterology & hepatology.

  1. Menstrual and reproductive factors and risk of pancreatic cancer in women (Middle East J Dig Dis 2017 Jul; 9(3): 146-149)
  2. Clinical characteristics, imaging findings & surgical outcome in patients with periampullary tumor in Kurdistan Center for Gastroenterology & Hepatology (KCGH) (not published)
  3. Characteristics of 12 lead ECG in patients with WPW syndrome (not published)
  4. Clinical characteristics & endoscopic findings in patient with upper gastrointestinal bleeding in Kurdistan Center for Gastroenterology & Hepatology (ongoing)
  5. Clinical characteristics & endoscopic findings in patients with foreign body ingestion in Kurdistan Center for Gastroenterology & Hepatology (ongoing)
  6. A numbers of interested cases, working on them & preparing for publish