Dr. Omer Surchi


Name                          Omer Qadir Mohamad Amin [Dr Omer Surchi]

Sex                              Male

Date of birth              1st of July 1962

Nationality                 Iraqi Kurd

Address                      College of Medicine

                                    Hawler Medical University,


Telephone                  00964-750-4451514


Marital status            married with 3 children

                                     [Ahmed, Sara, Ameen]


1967-1973                   Primary Baba-Tahri Hamadani school, Erbil

1973-1979                   Azadi Secondary school, Erbil, Iraq

1979-1986                   Medical School, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq


M.B.Ch.B                   22nd June1986, Salahaddin University, Erbil-Iraq 

D.M                       29th September 1990; (High Diploma in Internal Medicine) Baghdad

University, Iraq.

F.I.C.M.S                   29th October 1992; Fellow of Iraqi Commission for Medical

                                   Specialization in Internal Medicine at the Medical City Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq.  

FRCP             23rd March 2012, fellow of royal college of physicians-Glasgow.UK      

Present Post:   member of the university promotion committee HMU since 2011 till now

                     Member of teaching staff of internal medicine since Oct. 1992 till now



head of CME and quality assurance at college of dentistry-HMU from Oct. 2012 to Sep. 2014

Assistant professor-member of the academic staff at the college of dentistry, hawler medical university.            From 2010 till how

Dean of the College of Dentistry    College of dentistry-hawler medical university

from 24th Dec 2007 to Sep 2010

Head of the department of              Department of Medicine-College of Medicine

Medicine                                                            Salahaddin University, Erbil-Iraq

April2000 to Sept 2003

Consultant Physician                                               

October 1992 to April2000               Department of Medicine-Rizgary Hospital

(7 & half years)                                  Erbil, Iraq

Senior Medical Registrar                 Department of Medicine ( Prof. Z. Kasir)

October 1990 to October 1992)       Medical City

(2 years)                                             Baghdad, Iraq

Medical Registrar                             Department of Medicine ( Prof. H. Al- Shaarabaf)

October 1988 to October 1990)       Medical City

(2 years)                                             Baghdad, Iraq

General practitioner                         Al-Koisinjaq general Hospital

Jan 1988 to Nov 1988                        Al-Koisinjaq, Erbil, Iraq

(9 months) (15 months)

Military Service                                 Al-Rasheed Military Hospital

Nov 1987 to Jan 1988                        Baghdad, Iraq

(2 months)

House officer                                     Medical City Teaching Hospital, Baghdad

Aug 1986 to Nov 1987 (15 months)              Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics,

                                                           Gynecology & Obstetrics, and Emergency med.


       I started my clinical training as house officer in the Medical City, Baghdad that is a tertiary Center for the whole Iraqi population. This post continued for 15 months in the following specialties:

Internal Medicine                              3 months ( Professor H.Al-Shaarabaf)

2. General Surgery                            3 months (Professor Aziz Mahmood Shukri)

3. Obstetrics and Gynecology          3 months (Professor Sarmad Konda)

4. Pediatrics                                       3 months (Professor Adil Al-Attar)

5. Emergency Medicine                    3 months

In this post, I looked after the in-patients under the guidance of my consultants aided by the senior registrars and senior house officers. I became competent in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and minor surgical procedures in addition to assisting my senior in major surgery when working at the surgical units. Even in this post, I shared the medical staff in the teaching of the undergraduate students.

After the junior house officer post, I had to do two months Military service and afterwards I was transferred to Koisunjaq General Hospital as General practitioner where I stayed for nine months. The post was very interesting because it exposed me to a wide variety of clinical cases among the different specialties. The military service was short but it provided with an experience in the management of war victims and discipline.

Afterwards I started my post as medical registrar in the department of medicine at the Medical City / Baghdad (900 beds) under the supervision of Professor H. Al- Shaarabaf (FRCP) for one year. My duties included on- call for acute medicine one in three for all ages in addition to the routine care of the in-patients (40 beds). The interest of my consultant was non- invasive cardiology with access to ECG exercise test and echocardiography. I also did two outpatient clinics per week (both new and review patients). The post also involved clinical teaching of students, presenting in the departmental and hospital meetings.  After one year I continued working as medical registrar in the firm lead by Dr S. Rassam (FRCP) with interest in hepatology. In addition to my previous medical duties, I was actively in the management of acute and chronic liver diseases. I did more than 100 liver biopsies.

After two years of the medical registrar post, I passed my Diploma in Medicine and awarded Gold Medal among the 18 post-graduate students. This allowed me to be promoted to senior medical registrar in the same department with rotations in the CCU, Dialysis unit, Neurology and Rheumatology.  

The four years training in Medical City allowed me to sit the examination for the degree of Fellowship of the Iraqi commission for medical specialization (FICMS) for Internal Medicine.

In October 1992 I was appointed as consultant physician in General medicine at the Rizgary Hospital in Erbil/ Iraq. I looked after 12 medical beds with open access to the CCU.  In addition, run the non-invasive cardiology laboratory (ECG exercise test and echocardiography. My on call duties were one in seven and one outpatient clinic per week. This allowed me to have time for teaching undergraduate students.



My current duties include:

Ward rounds ( one session per day)

Supervision of the junior doctors for training and procedures.

Supervision of postgraduate students [master students and Board students]


My teaching duties cover both under graduate and postgraduate students. I teach cardiology for the undergraduate students . However lecturing for the postgraduate students are less intensive at average i.e. 15 lectures per year.

The clinical teaching for the medical students include: clinical meetings and seminars/ journal club. I also regularly supervise the Diploma students and candidates for Iraqi Board Certification in General Medicine.


Organizing the rota for the staff

Distribution of the teaching quota for the staff

Examinations for undergraduate and postgraduate students

Faculty meetings

Liaison with MOH for provision of health services for our region

Member of promotion committee

Member teaching method course

Member of medical   committee at MOH

Medical conferences and other activities:

  1. Medical conference in medical city- Baghdad summer 1989.
  2. Several Different medical conferences in Erbil during 1992 t0 2010 in Erbil.
  3. Medical conference on Diabetes and endocrine disease in Amman –Jordan[ 2006]
  4. Annual congress of European society of cardiology in Vienna-Austria 1-5 Sep 2007.
  5. A Workshop on prevention and control of TB in Seoul, South Korea June 2006.
  6. consultation meeting in Antalya –Turkey on avian Influenza [19-22 march 2007]
  7. many other medical meetings on DM, HT and IHD in Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon ,Dubai, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia and Morocco from 2003 to 2013.


I can independently perform the following procedures:

Lumbar puncture

Pleural aspiration and biopsy

Insertion of chest drains

Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy

Liver biopsy

ECG exercise test [for the first time I established an exercise ECT testing unite in Erbil]

Transthoracic echocardiography


Published articles

1. Al- Shaarbaf and Omer Surchi. Silent Myocardial Ischemia in Diabetes Mellitus Journal of Faculty of Medicine, Baghdad 1992: 34; 301-311

2. Omer Surchi, Y.Bahaddin. A Clinical study on some aspects of Atrial Fibrillation in Erbil. Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences 2001:5:1,28-32.

3.Omer Surchi. Causes of Exudative Pleural effusion in Erbil. Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences 2001:5:2,31-36

4.Omer Surchi & Abdulsatar Kamil. Echocardiographic  evaluation of valvular  heart disease in Erbil. Zanco Journal of meidical sciences 2004:vol7: No 2,41.

5-Omer Surchi & Jamal Basheer. Clinical, radiological, and echocardiographic evaluation of congenital heart disease in Erbil. zanco journal of medical sciences.2004.

6-A clinical study on types of diabetes mellitus, its  clinical presentation and complications in 230 patients admitted to Erbil City Hospitals. Zanco Journal of medical sciences.2005:9:1,95-106.

Articles submitted for publications:

7-Geographical information system in evaluation of Tubrculosis distribution in Erbil city(1998-2002). Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences.2006:10:1-2:83-94.

Unpublished articles:

1. A study on the relationship between the blood group and Malaria in Erbil

2. A Prospective study on the causes of admission of diabetic patients to the hospital.

3-Outcome of hundred patients with end stage renal disease at dialysis unit in Erbil-teaching hospital

4-epidemiology of Cholera with special reference to prevalence and control measures of the outbreaks [1998-1999] in Erbil.

5- Rational antibiotic use  and it’s cost among inpatients in Medical wards of Erbil teaching hospitals.


Prof. pshtiwan Albazzaz , urologist, president of the Hawler med University.

Dr Farhad Omer Heweiz, M.R.C.P, Ph.D. [Consultant internist] London.

Prof. Hikmet Al-Shaarbaf. [F.R.C.P].

Dr Dashty Dzay [F.R.C.P] consultant physician-Erbil

Dr Zeewar Alqassab, dean of the college of dentistry