Dr. Rebaz Hamza Salih

FULL NAME ; Rebaz Hamza Salih
DATE OF BIRTH ; 30/7/1986
PLACE OF BIRTH ; Erbil – Iraq
PHONE NUMBER ; 00964 750 847 2200


2000-203; Kurdistan highschool.

2003-2009; College of Medicine – Hawler Medical University SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION;

• In college, I was one of the top graduates of my year, I was the 10th amongst around 150 students, and my graduation average grade was 74.9.

• I have board degree (Arabic Board) in internal medicine (C.A.B.M.S ).

• I have HIGH DIPPLOMA (MASTER) DEGREE in internal medicine (copy of the detailed degree attached to the CV).

• I have HIGH DIPPLOMA (2 year =master) DEGREE in respiratory medicine and critical ill patients (Baghdad University ).

• I successfully finished both parts of MRCP(1,2)(UK) (MEMBERSHIP OF ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIAN) in general medicine branch.

• Iam 4nd year(final) board student at Arabic Board for Medical Specialty (ABMS)-branch of internal medicine.

• I was a chief of permanent medical doctors (chief of internal medicine SHO) in Rizgary teaching hospital and organizer of medical permanents in East Emergency Hospital(for 2 years)(2015,2016).

• I am team leader of ER department in PAR private hospital (since 2014 …till date) .

• I worked with SARI (severe acute respiratory infection) organization surveillance for 3 years and I have sent 244 cases for Eastern Mediterranean Acute Respiratory Infection Surveillance (EMARIS).

• Around 2 years’ experience in working as a resident doctor in different branches of Erbil’s hospitals including;(2010-2012):

o 2 months in emergency department of Central Emergency Hospital. o 2 months in East Emergency Hospital.

o 2 months in emergency center for truamatology and burn center o 2 months in pediatric emergency in Raparin Hospital.

o 2 months in obstetrics and gynecology wards and labour rooms o 4 months in rural areas ; Soran, Shaqlawa, Masef and Choman o 2 months in medical wards

o 1 month in dialysis unit
o 2 month in coronary care unit
o 2 months in intensive care unit(ICU)

o 1 month in cardiothoracic surgery center o 2 month in surgical wards

• I am a member of Kurdistan Cardiothoracic Society(KCTS) and I have participated in almost all their activities,seminors and confrances.

• I was working as Senior House Officer in department of general medicine for nearly 5 years(in Rzgary Teaching Hospital and East Emergency Hospital)(my degree now:{ M.B.CH.B. H.D.I.M,H.D.R.S, MRCP (1,2)(UK), SHO(ARABIC BOARD)/INTERNAL MEDICINE } )


❖ Senior House Officer of Internal Medicine at Rizgry Teaching Hospital / Erbil from October

2012 till date:

• Admitting, sending for investigations, and treating patients requiring special care.

• Taking history and examining the patients to diagnose their medical conditions.

• Carrying out specific medical procedures and minor diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

• Making notes and reporting for other healthcare professionals.

• Receiving and handling the emergency cases.

• Internal Medicine outpatient management, along with Senior Specialist

• Advising patients on health education matters.

• Keeping up to date with the latest treatments, medicines and medical developments.

• Supervising a team of Junior Healthcare Staff.


❖ Medical Skills:

• Excellent history taking and Clinical examination skills

• Extensive knowledge of complex medical terms and procedures.

• Experienced in minor medical interventions:
• Pleural Aspiration.

• Abdominal Paracentesis.

• Skin and Soft Tissue Suturing, Dressing.

• Airway and endotracheal intubation

• Venipuncture (Intravenous Access)

• Nasogastric tube insertion (NG Tube)

• Gastric lavage.

• Urinary Catheter insertion (folly catheter)

• Blood cross matching
• Bone marrow aspiration and taking bone marrow biopsy.

❖ Experienced in interpreting Electrocardiographs (ECG), Chest Radiographs (CXR) and other investigation tools.

❖ Performing bedsite ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY in ICU(intensive care unit),CCU(coronary care unit),RCU(respiratory care unit) and admitted patients to the WARDS.

• I am proud to say that during my experience as a rotator doctor, my seniors &residents were happy to work with me. I was able to do my duties following their instructions in details.


• Kurdish ( mother language )(Sorani)
• English
• Arabic
• Kurdish(Bahdini)

language Writing Reading Speaking
Kurdish Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
Arabic Excellent Excellent Very good
Kurdish (Bahdini) Excellent Excellent Excellent